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Kai Lahtinen
toimitusjohtaja &
+358 44 745 46 59

Saneeraukset & Termotuote
Markus Koistinen
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Janne Lehtinen

KL-Sealing Oy 


A Finnish company established in 2014 that operates in the construction sector and specialises in the elastic jointing of prefabricated elements and the renovation and refurbishment of buildings

New buildings:

- jointing of exterior and interior wall units
- fire-rated jointing
- sound insulation jointing

Renovation and refurbishment of buildings:

- inspection and condition assessment of joints
- refurbishment of joints
- fire-rated jointing
- sound insulation jointing
- for comprehensive building and apartment
  renovations and refurbishments
- plinths
- repair and jointing of building exteriors
- interior walls
- floors
- roofs
- corridors
- balconies 
- sauna, bathroom and other wet and humid areas
- tiling and other claddings




Our renovation projects include:

- apartment blocks and individual flats
- single-family and terraced houses
- holiday homes
- commercial buildings and business premises
- industrial buildings
- office buildings
- shopping centres
- public sector offices and other buildings


In addition to renovations and jointing we
provide professional competence training 




KL-Sealing Oy Basic information

KL-Sealing Oy is a wholly Finnish-owned company founded in 2014.
The founder, owner and managing director is Kai Lahtinen.
He has been operating in the construction industry as an entrepreneur since 2009.

The number of regular employees varies from 10 to 15, depending on the season.

Our main partners and suppliers are
Sika, Tremco-llbruck, Nullifire, Summus, Termotuote